Truck Repairs & Trailer Service for Spring

Bus, Trailer, and Truck Repairand Maintenance to Perform this Spring


Spring is a great time to start thinking about truck service,trailer repair, and other maintenance on your vehicles. Performing regular service and inspections can help you make sure you’re prepared for summer and ensure you don’t receive any tickets or violations during your trips.


Truck Repairand Maintenance


It’s a good idea to perform some regular truck maintenanceand diesel serviceevery spring so you know everything is in working order.

The first thing you should do is clean and organize your trucks. A clean truck makes a good first impression on inspectors, so make sure everything is in order.

Another important part of truck serviceis tires. The transition from cold to warm weather can have a negative effect on tire pressure, so it’s a good idea to check this come springtime. You’ll also want to check all of your fluid levels to ensure they are correct and top them off as needed. Finally, inspect your brakes as they are often used heavily in the winter.

Truck repair

Trailer Repairand Maintenance


Doing your trailer servicein the spring gives you the peace of mind knowing everything is ready to go for the summer months.


Just like your truck, good trailer maintenanceincludes a thorough cleaning to make sure it’s presentable to inspectors. You’ll also want to check the brakes and tire pressure to ensure everything is correct and within the proper safety parameters. Finally, check all of your brake and signal lights to see if they’re functioning correctly. 


Bus Repairand Maintenance


If you’re a bus operator you know how important proper bus repairand maintenance is. This is especially true for school buses, where safety is of the utmost importance.


As with all vehicles, it’s important to check your brakes and tire pressure. It’s also critical to keep an eye on your fluid levels, including oil, transmission fluid, and wiper fluid. Because buses are carrying people, you’ll want to pay special attention to the interior to ensure everything is comfortable and safe for passengers. Clean your seats and use protective sprays to keep them looking presentable and extend their life. Also, check all handrails to ensure everything is secure and tighten any rails and handles that are loose.


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